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Parish Administrator

We are looking to hire a parish administrator for March 2021 on. The candidate will be in charge of :

·       Maintaining communication with the vicar and the Parish Council and executing changes according to their requests.

·       Managing the office and grounds staff to troubleshoot and ensure that tasks are accomplished in a timely manner, both for weekly operations and special events.

·       Making changes as requested to policies, lists, and other paperwork, and keeping good record of these files.

·       Frequently updating communication outlets in the church, including website, Facebook page, notice sheets, service sheets, bulletin boards, and emails.



*A committed Christian who's active in the life of a church

* Ability to speak and write both fluent Thai and English 
* A strong background in web applications (Google Drive, Gmail, and church management applications) and IT (sound & projection equipment)
* Ability to make decisions and supervise staff

* Experience in office and facilities management
* Follow up and follow through on all requests and projects to ensure they are completed on time
* Approachable and very much a people person
* The ability to say “no” 


If you're interested in the position, or if you'd like to see the full job description, please email your resume/cv to admin@christchurchbangkok.org