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Organizations We Support

Christ Church Bangkok is committed to giving 10% of all the donations we receive to outreach organizations around Thailand. These organizations support the poor and marginalized people locally. Some of the organizations are run by Christ Church members, so we support them in other ways as well.

Click on the names of these organizations to learn more about what they do:

Christ Church Bangkok's Karen Ministry

Place of Grace Ministries - Children's clubs, youth groups, and food bank for the poor

Timothy House - Love and Care Project - Care for the poor

Ruth Centre - Care for the elderly poor

Christian Care for Children with Disabilities (CCD)

Bethlehem House - Care for the orphans and abandoned children

NightLight - Care for victims of sex trafficking

Word Made Flesh - Education, counseling, and other opportunities for the poor and marginalized 

Second Chance Bangkok - Upcycle/Recycle of second-hand goods to support local communities  and provide jobs

Shalem House - Lodging for people who are in town due to sick family members

LifeRaft International - Supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Bangkok