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Offerings can be given in cash each Sunday and are collected by ushers during the service. Numbered envelopes can be requested from Panjit at accounts@christchurchbangkok.org for regular offerings, which are used for recording details for tax requests.

Alternatively, you can give at any time by making a bank transfer or by donating via Paypal.

Bank : Siam Commercial Bank     Branch:  CP Tower

Account name: Christ Church English

For General offerings :1682198479

The SWIFT code for both accounts is SICOTHBK 

Send a copy of the transfer slip (with your name on) so that we can trace the payment

to:   accounts@christchurchbangkok.org     

Our Paypal Account: www.paypal.me/christchurchbkk


If you wish to receive a tax letter, you must make a request in advance to accounts, so that this can be set up. For every payment you make, a copy of each transfer slip needs to be sent through so that the payments can be traced and logged.

Thank you.