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Video Services

28th November (Advent Sunday)


21st November (Christ the King Sunday)

14th November (Remembrance Sunday)

7th November (Outreach Sunday)

31st October (All Saints Day)

24th October (Bible Sunday)

17th October ("What do you want me to do for you?")

10th October (From Harvest to Outreach)

3rd October (Harvest Festival Service)

26th September (Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity)

19th September (Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity)

12th September (Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity)

5 September (Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity)

29 August (Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity)

22 August (Twelfth Sunday after Trinity)

15 August (Eleventh Sunday after Trinity)

8 August (Tenth Sunday After Trinity)

1 August (Ninth Sunday After Trinity)

25 July (Eighth Sunday after Trinity)

18 July (Seventh Sunday After Trinity)

11 July (Sixth Sunday After Trinity)

4 July (Fifth Sunday After Trinity)

27 June (Fourth Sunday After Trinity)

20 June (Third Sunday After Trinity)

13 June 2021 (Second Sunday After Trinity)

6 June 2021 (First Sunday After Trinity)

30 May 2021 (Trinity Sunday)

23 May 2021 (Pentecost  Sunday)

16 May 2021 (7th Sunday of Easter)


9 May 2021 (6th Sunday of Easter)


2 May 2021 (5th Sunday of Easter)


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