The History of Christ Church Bangkok

The Church began at a site by the river

3 June 1861  -  Meeting of non-Roman Catholic Christians held at the British Consulate: Protestant Church Committee formed.
26 July 1861  -  King Mongkut granted land by the river to the Community of foreigners of Protestant Christian faith.     
1 May 1864    -  The Protestant Union Chapel (also called “The English Church”) opened for worship. The preacher at the opening service was the Rev. S. Mattoon of the American Presbyterian Mission.     
April 1894    Canon William Greenstock came as Chaplain, supported by SPG (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel).     
16 Feb 1896    First confirmation in the chapel. It was conducted by Bishop George Hose, Bishop of Singapore Labuan & Sarawak.     
7 April 1904    King Chulalongkorn granted permission to sell the river site and gifted land off North Sathorn Road for the building of a new church.   


Clergy, River Site
1864-1892    American missionaries
1894-1900    Revd. W. G. Greenstock (Chaplain)
1900-1901    American Presbyterian missionaries
1901-1902    Revd. W. H. Robins (Chaplain)
1902-1903    American Presbyterian missionaries
1903-1905    Revd. H. de Courcy Blakeney (Chaplain)

Christ Church was built on land granted by King Chulalongkorn, Rama V,
to the English-speaking Protestant Christian community.

30 April 1905    Church building dedicated. The service was conducted by the Rev. H. de Courcy Blakeney (chaplain), Canon W. Greenstock (SPG) and the Revd. J. Carrington (American Bible Society)
September 1905    Baptism font arrived.
19 November 1905    Pipe organ dedicated. For more information on the pipe organ this pdf.
1907    Clergy stalls and chancel screen provided.
1913    First ceiling fans installed.

4 November – 2 December 1917    Severe flooding: services were held at the British Legation instead of at Christ Church.
December 1918    Land between the church building and BNH Hospital purchased. 
1928     Celebration of a century of Protestant missions in Thailand. 
23 July 1937     British Government’s representative no longer to be ex-officio chairman of the Church Committee. 
1941     The Chaplain was interned in a military camp during World War II and the Church’s affairs were looked after by the Scandinavian community. 
1946     Church Services were resumed upon cessation of hostilities. 
1948     The Church began to take full responsibility for financing all of its own affairs. 
1 May 1955     Golden Jubilee celebrations. 
1956     Services began to be taken in Saigon, Phnom Penh and Vientiane as circumstances demanded. 


Chaplains, Christ Church - 1905 to 1963
1905-1907    Rev. H. de Courcy Blakeney        1941-1945    Chaplain interned-Second World War
1908-1920    Rev. Dr. H. J. Hillyard        1945-1946    British Army Chaplains
1920-1921    Rev. C. R. Simmons        1946-1951    Rev. C. G. Eagling
1921    Rev. F. Dowland Ryan        1951-1955    Rev. W. H. Fowke
1922-1932    Rev. C. R. Simmons        1955-1958    Rev. J. L. Gilmour
1932-1935    Rev. E. Edwards        1958-1962    Rev. E. J. Pulman
1935-1940    Rev. C. W. Norwood        1962-1963    Interregnum - Diocesan Clergy
1940-1941    Rev. C. G. Eagling    



Christ Church 1963 
1963    The Revd J. E. Ironside inducted as Vicar. This saw the end of 70 years of chaplaincies. 
1969    New Vicarage built. 
13 February 1972    H.M. Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and H.R.H. The Princess Anne attended divine service. 
1976    Memorial Chapel and Garden of Remembrance were dedicated.
1982    Outreach to Karen displaced persons began.
10 February 1991    The Colin Britton Memorial Windows are dedicated.
1991    Thai-language ministry organised by the Revd. Gerry (Gerald) Khoo and his wife, Dorothy. 
1993-4    Air-conditioning installed. 
1994    Anglican Church in Thailand registered with Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand. 
1996    Christ Church Banchang established. 
1998    Rainbowland Child Development Centre opened in the Old Vicarage.
1999    A new wall, gates and a car park built. 
1999    Christ Church Sawang Daendin established. 
November 2001    The new church hall, the Li Hall, was dedicated. 
26 December 2004    Tsunami: Christ Church responded quickly with active involvement and aid. 


Christ Church Vicars Since 1963
1963-1966    Rev. J. E. Ironside                               1986-1995    Rev. Dr. Monty Morris
1966-1971    Rev. D. N. Bowers                               1995-1997    Rev. Bruce Mc Nab
1971-1973    Rev. P. D. Kingston                            1998-2004    Rev. Stephen Gabbott
1973-1981    Rev. John Taylor                                 2004-2005    Rev. Andrew Dircks
1982-1984    Rev. Ian Bull                                        2005-2006    Rev. Stephen Gabbott (Interim Vicar)
1984-1986    Rev. John Morrett (Acting Vicar)      2006-    Rev. Peter Cook


30 April 2005    Centenary Celebration of the church building on the corner of Convent and North Sathorn Roads. 
August 2005    Installation of bell (made 1955). 
29 April 2007    Dedication of Sala in memory of Archdeacon Gerald (Gerry) Khoo. 
2007/2008    Renovations to the church building were undertaken as a result of a generous financial gift from the Religious Affairs Department of the Thai Government, in celebration of the 60th year of reign by His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej.
31 October 2010    Archbishop John Chew of Singapore ordained the Rev. Pairoj Phiammattawat to the priesthood at Christ Church, making him the first native priest of the Anglican Church in Thailand.