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PCC and Policies for 2020

Christ Church Bangkok is led by a Parish Church Council (PCC).  Please find below our key policies from our PCC:-

AGM  2020 Report
Donated Goods
Marriage Policy
Aims and Objectives of the PCC for 2020-21
Refugee Policy



Rev. Norman Jones

Acting Vicar

Edward Furaha
People's Warden

 Chairman of Outreach Committee

             Vicar's Warden 

Chris Rajakarier
Secretary and Chair of the Karen Committee

Prince Artpradid 
PCC Treasurer

Mary Vongsuly​
ACT Representative
Andrew Marsden
PCC Representative



Cindy Porter
PCC Representative

Chairman of  Spirituality, Worship and Prayer Committee

               Gary Barnes        
PCC Representative

Shirley Langgie
PCC Social and Women's Fellowship

Wezi Mukaka
PCC Representative

Clare Messink
PCC Representative

Fingani Nyasulu
PCC Synod Representative

Jenifer Sawchenko

PCC Representative

Brenda Coughlan
PCC Representative