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Karen Outreach - What your donations can do

The work of our Karen Ministry continues. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of how your donations can help. 

Mae La Camp
Support for a nursery school student     1,600 baht per year 
Support for a nursery school teacher     6,000 baht per year
Nursery School food supplement            2,200 baht per month
Caring for an orphanage child              5,120 baht per year


Noh Bo Academy
Support a day student                            8,000 baht per term 
Support as boarding student               12,000 baht per year 


Noh Bo Teacher and Staff 
13 teachers including Principal            3,300 baht ($75) per month - Average salary
1 office – 3 cooks -  2 supervisors.         2,370 baht ($46) per month - Average salary


Noh Bo Food and Nourishment
The largest portion of the budget is food - essential in a boarding school for refugees. 
We need 65 large bags of rice each month for 10 months, at about 850 baht per bag 
The school spends about 46,000 baht a month at the market on fresh produce, giving an annual food bill of approximately 927,500 baht ($31,000). 


Cost about 40,000 baht ($1,333) a year ​


Education Materials 
Each year supplies of paper, exercise books, textbooks, pens, markers, etc. is 40,000 baht ($1,333). 
Arts, crafts and sewing materials are extras that don’t come out of the budget but need special donations     

Noh Bo students take great pride in their uniform. 
School uniforms per year (Thai and Karen) = 18,000 baht ($600) Sport kits per year = 10,350 baht ($350)
Teachers uniforms per year = 9,000 baht ($300)


Electricity approx. 4,700 baht ($156) per month - Gas bottles) at 300 baht ($6) per month 
Water at 300 baht ($6) per month  - Internet provision is expensive – 2,675 baht ($93) per month


Medicines, dental and hospital bills approx. 3,000 baht ($100) per month 
Blankets are needed in the cool season – 100 baht  each for 100 students – 10,000 baht ($333)